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We at Werma have a strong will to contribute to sustainable growth that creates valuable value for our customers, suppliers and partners. Our ambition is to generate a sustainable awareness both internally and externally.

Sustainable development means that we take responsibility for our economic, social and environmental impact in our business decisions and adapt our strategy to support the UN’s goals for inclusive and lasting economic growth.

Through our efforts, Werma wants to limit climate change and we believe that a sustainable society should be inclusive and that diversity is necessary for creativity and innovation.

We strive to be an attractive employer that offers a stimulating work environment.

Action plan

Source sorting of waste.

Energy saving measures.

Environmentally adapted purchases.

Sustainable product development.

Use environmentally friendly and energy-efficient means of transport.

Vehicle fleet.

Support plan to minimize service travel.

Primarily renovate and repair machine parts.

Develop digital meetings and seminars.