Through a search on the license plate or in the database, Crash Recovery System provides quick knowledge of the vehicles that are located at the scene of the accident. Which fuel the vehicle is powered by, whether it is a hybrid, where reinforcements and dangerous rock zones exist and also how a hybrid vehicle is deactivated.
Crash Recovery System works on the most common platforms (iOS, Android and PC)
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In the automotive industry new developments and technologies are evolving
quickly. The use of high-strength steel, additional reinforcements and numerous
safety restraint systems in modern vehicles provide excellent protection of the
occupants during a crash. Due to all these built-in safety systems the occupant
survival rates during traffic accidents has increased significantly. Also, vehicles
are more and more equipped with alternative propulsion systems, making them
environmental friendly due to their low emission.
After the crash however, all these new technologies present new safety hazards
and challenges to the emergency services when responding to the incident and
extricate occupants trapped in the vehicle. Not only the safety restraint systems,
like airbags and seatbelt pretensioner, but also the environmental friendly
propulsion systems present new safety risks. What does a first responder need to
know when such a vehicle is involved in an accident? What exactly are the
challenges and hazards that such vehicles present? What do rescue workers need
to know to respond safely and efficiently, but most important, what knowledge
is irrelevant and overkill? Crash Recovery System is the relevant tool and
knowledge required to effectively respond to today’s traffic accidents around the


“Our passion is occupational health and safety for personnel of fire and rescue services – every day! Hose maintenance is our specialty”

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