Werma offers a various number of models of hose washing machines independently of model and level of equipment one feature is always the same: the pressure testing.

Werma offers three various qualities of fire hoses: The Standard Hose Fuji, the Premium Hose Everest and the Rubber Hose Fryken. All DIN approved and adopted to worldwide requirements and norms.

Werma’s training facilities and mock-ups focus on the individual’s personal development. The facilities are at technical front end and the unique software controls the exercises and gives immediate feedback.

Werma offers a unique automatic fire extinguishing system with snow cannons technique for critical facilities such as transformer stations and similar. 

Werma’s drying systems are based on air flow and low heat. We offer a complete range of products from drying racks for boots and gloves to advanced cabinets for various kinds of suits e g alarm, diving, chemicals, dry.

Our storage cabinets are airy, solid and versatile with grid solutions for a free air flow and easy cleaning maintenance. The foldable chair is an elegant complement.


As a customer of Werma, you should feel secure in the fact that our presence is always there. From the first support call until a technician is on site or a spare part is sent. Our goal is to offer world-class service support.