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World´s most modern
hose maintenance machine


The market’s most powerful hose maintenance machine that delivers a fantastic washing result!
A complete, completely closed system for dirty water, easy to operate for a single operator and minimized with heavy lifting provides the best possible working environment.

HM200 is part of the Werma concept for hose care, a complete system where logistics and healthy firefighters are always at the center.

A powerful unit with several different levels of accessories.

The machine has a good flow and working environment where only a heavier lift needs to be performed, when the finished hose is to be lifted out.

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Technical info

  • Good working environment with good light.
  • All work steps are done at a good working height
  • Quiet, about 80 dB in the work environment
  • Only a heavy lift in the whole process, when the hose is lifted off the reel.
  • Negative pressure in the machine so that a minimum of contaminated water mist hits the operator

With the HM200, approximately 10-12 hoses are completed per hour. The number depends on how dirty the hose is, which dimension is run and how long the test pressure is determined. The machine has three different washing speeds (slow, standard, fast) and the dirtier the hose, the slower the speed.

In the process, two hoses are handled simultaneously if the operator wants, one inbound and one outbound, this shortens the cycle time.

With HM200, we have combined our high knowledge of high pressure nozzles with adding rotating brushes. The mechanical processing with the brushes is step one in the washing process and to then finish with four high-pressure nozzles that wash at about 180 bar pressure.

For the best possible washing results, we recommend that the hose is soaked for 24 hours before washing and then preferably with our hose detergent in the tub.

The washing result is very good and the combination with hose detergent also provides deep cleansing.

Test printing takes place in accordance with Swedish standards and European standards, ie the entire hose with both connections in one step, as the hose is used. The test pressure time is determined by the operator himself and also how high the pressure of the hose is to be pressed to. HM200 test pressure as standard up to a maximum of 18 bar, in addition it is possible to get test pressure up to 25 bar.

The test pressure water is separated from the wash water and recycled in a closed system. The closed system means that the anti-printing water is not contaminated by the dirty washing water.

The test pressure is done with hot water, the purpose of which is to get a better drying effect on the hose.

An extra function that exists when it comes to test printing is that when you know that there are holes in the hose and only want to mark these holes, you can use the function inspection pressure, then the test pressure hose to between 3 and 5 bar, which is enough to mark out holes .

Drying of the hose takes place in connection with discharge, we use a self-developed wet vacuum cleaner with high power. The hose is storage dry after the process.

Depending on how the hose is to be used, the hose is single-rolled or double-rolled by the machine.

As standard, the HM200 handles 19-76 mm dimension, as an option there is up to 110 mm hose.

The hose lengths can be a maximum of 40 meters.

2300 x 3500 x 1700 (WxDxH)

Weight about 1500 kg

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