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Werma and Parsch have developed hoses especially designed for our market.

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The very heart of our mock-ups is the unique software controlling the facilities independently if it is a mobile cold smoke diving facility or if it is a mock-up of a Gripen fighter aircraft or a TP84 or why not a coastal corvette.

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We will be happy to design good solutions for your dressing rooms – just send us measures and number of lockers needed and we will return a nice lay-out sketch.

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In cooperation with the Italian company EMI Controls we can offer solutions for fire protection of socially critical facilities with snow cannons technique.


To develop new products together with our customers and suppliers is something we really do enjoy. Below you will find some of the products developed and commercialized and now used by our customers

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Wermas products

Werma’s passion is safety and working environment in everyday life and efforts for rescue personnel.

The Werma Way means that every new product or opportunity we see that we can bring into our product range must fit in and that we must be able to support it in a good way over time. A Werma concept is built around each product category to support the idea of the Werma way; a complete system.

Werma works in close collaboration with suppliers and customers to develop innovative products that contribute to safer and more sustainable work environments.